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the experience of thinking that a new situation had occurred before

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Palabras clave: deja vu, Remo Bodei, filosofia italiana contemporanea, biopolitica, Nietzsche.
Psychologist Dr Anne Cleary said: "One particular theory of deja vu is it may be a memory process.
One of the 74,771 articles currently pinpointed by Deja Vu is a 2006 paper by Ebtekar on cytokines and air pollution published in English by the Iranian Journal of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology.
Specifically, we will analyze the synchronic uses and diachronic development of two cognate particles from two Romance languages, namely French deja and Italian gia, equivalent in some of their most salient uses to English already.
Tell us about your role as Claire Kuchever in Deja Vu.
This is a highly recommended read, especially for anyone who has experienced deja vu and wondered how it could happen.
So, give it a few years and maybe everything else in Deja Vu will be possible as well.
Perhaps not, but one thing is clear: Auds are about to get a feeling of deja vu over .
Now researchers are using hypnosis to induce deja vu in an experiment that they hope will throw light on its possible causes and on the workings of human memory.
pidio alguien desde Huatulco: deja Macedonio el pulque,
Consume muy poca corriente --10,000 veces menos que sus antecesores--, y su funcionamiento es muy simple: cuando se le coloca de pie sobre una superficie conductora de cobre deja pasar la corriente; pero si se le aplica la punta de un microscopio de fuerza atomica en una de dichas patas, esta gira y deja de conducir la electricidad.
Dec 3-7, Deja Donne, Ray & Edna Disney CalArts Theater/REDCAT, Univ of California Los Angeles, Hope & 2nd St, 661.
Carol has a series of deja vu incidents revealing scenes and characters she will soon see and experience.
TO ENFORCE Spokane County; Washington's dreaded Cabaret Ordinance, local cops mounted a sting operation in August that led to the arrest of five strippers and the manager of the Deja Vu strip club on misdemeanor charges.