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a dialect of High German spoken in parts of Pennsylvania and Maryland

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As The Athletic's media reporter, Deitsch finds hope for the future of women's sports coverage in additions to the sports media landscape like Her Hoop Stats and "Burn It All Down." They give a glimpse of what could encourage disruptive innovation in women's sports coverage.
When an audience member called out that Deitsch's generation could be labeled "the generation of hope," Moore replied, "I'm against hope.
For a description and thorough analysis of this window, see Elka Deitsch, "Translations in Light: The May Memorial Window at Temple Emanu-El, New York," in Louis C.
He has held several upper management positions at major nonwovens companies in the U.S., most recently running Deitsch Plastics' non woven division.
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The one that people tend to bring up the most often when I speak to colleagues and professionals is "Paint Things: Beyond the Stretcher," which I co-curated with Dina Deitsch for deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum.
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In August, ESPN dropped talk show panelist and former NFL player, Hugh Douglas, from the sports network following a nightclub argument between Douglas and fellow ESPN personality, Michael Smith, in which Douglas allegedly used racially-charged terms to degrade Smith (Deitsch, 2013).
| Sports Illustrated writer Richard Deitsch (@richarddeitsch) The scene at Cardiff City right now is awesome.
According to CBS News, Richard Deitsch asked his 87,000 followers to post a photograph of the single best moment in one's life and within minutes came a rush of best moments of parents with a newborn, a lover asking for a yes, and homecomings from the danger of war.
RICHARD DEITSCH, SENIOR EDITOR/MEDIA WRITER, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED: I did a fellowship at the University of Michigan in 2008, and I would talk to student after student and Deadspin would come up more than anything else.
history." Richard Deitsch, Super Bowl XLVI Sets Viewership Records,
Managing director: Maggie Deitsch Mission statement: To enrich Englewood and surrounding communities through theatrical productions, volunteer opportunities, education and training in the performing arts; to provide a venue for other cultural activities.
In contrast David Blee and Elaine Deitsch have used a phenomenological approach when exploring the literature about the woman's experience of abdominal palpation in pregnancy.
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