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hold in a locking position

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This has resulted in 60i being the most common signal, rather than the 30p that is typically webcast, although in most cases you won't need to deinterlace because 60i on a native 30p or 60p CMOS sensor doesn't show interlacing artifacts or scan lines the same way that a traditional 60i signal from a CCD sensor would.
The app provides a lot of options for users to trim, crop, merge, add watermarks, or deinterlace an interlaced video to the progressive one to avoid mosaic.
Offers basic video editing: merge, trim, crop, effect, watermark, deinterlace.
In another example of interface simplicity, Elemental only offers three deinterlace settings: deinterlace, adaptive, and inverse telecine, with no configurable options; I used the adaptive setting in my tests.
Ipera started poorly, seemingly forgetting to deinterlace the first frame, which is frustrating because that's the first frame that the viewer sees.
The program supports HD 720P/1080P video for playback, and also has the ability to let users edit video (trim, crop, effect, deinterlace) and add watermarks for the output video.