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The diagnostic value of CT technology for lung adenocarcinoma has been widely reported, but the relationships between CT characteristics and the degree of differentiation of pathological tissues remain largely unknown.
Univariate and multivariate analyses exhibited that positive LAMP3 expression, degree of differentiation, and TNM stage were independent prognostic factors affecting the survival of patients with OSCC, and Kaplan-Meier analysis showed that the lifespan of patients with positive LAMP3 expression was shorter than that of patients with negative expression.
Limited sampling of mainland populations would seem to imply that the degree of differentiation among Isle Royale populations is relatively no greater than that found among mainland populations.
"In quarter one, 2016, we will establish a list of key value items and begin to adjust prices as necessary to better align the price with the degree of differentiation or quality of each item."
As a consequence, individual correspondence analysis confirmed the degree of differentiation betwe en all individuals of the four studied goat breeds except only few individuals of Sahrawi goats that may have descended from other breeds of nearby countries.
Furthermore, each is He able to create with a limitless degree of differentiation. Indeed, in a nature unknown to us, Allah will create Paradise and Hell.
"Fragmentation is unlikely to decline all the way to pre-crisis levels, as some degree of differentiation in financial conditions across countries is warranted by differences in economic environments and creditworthiness," Marie Diron, Moody's senior vice-president said in an emailed statement today.
Oct 4 expression in immature teratoma of the ovary: relevance to histologic grade and degree of differentiation. Am J Surg Pathol 2010; 34 (12): 1842-8.
Brocade operates a controlled approach to channel recruitment, focusing on a select group of engaged partners, who can secure a high degree of differentiation through Brocade solutions versus a strategy that sees 100's or 1000's of partners having to compete with each other.
In future studies, we aim to investigate CD10 expression in SCC groups of low and high risk according to the degree of differentiation, size, and depth of invasion (perineurial and lymphovascular invasion).
ALP activity was used as marker of the degree of differentiation of D-Caco-2 cells.
The degree of differentiation is understood as "set and outcome of dynamic and interactive exchanges that occur between leaders and members, the nature of which (transactional versus social exchange) may differ across dyads within a work group" (Henderson et al., 2009, p.
What's more, Vesta or their other parent bodies were large enough to have undergone a similar degree of differentiation to Earth, thus forming a kind of scale model of a terrestrial planet.
We retrospectively analyzed the effects of three different variables--tumor size, degree of differentiation, and depth of invasion--on the risk of neck node metastasis in 50 adults who had been treated with surgery for primary squamous cell carcinoma of the oral cavity.