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French general and statesman who became very popular during World War II as the leader of the Free French forces in exile (1890-1970)

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The festival, scheduled to take place between June 22 and 26, will include Lebanese director Degaulle Eid's "Chou Sar," banned by authorities from BIFF 2010.
A NEW check-in service was opened yesterday by Gulf Air at Charles DeGaulle Airport's Zone 4 in Paris.
Gulf Air, the national carrier of the Kingdom of Bahrain, is introducing a new service at its check-in facility in Paris Charles DeGaulle Airport Zone 4, from tomorrow (April 12).
She devotes greater attention to some of these--Today We Live and The DeGaulle Story, for example--to unravel their connections (usually thematic or to do with plot) with the novels and stories.
There is a famous and oft misquoted line from Charles DeGaulle stating that it is difficult to govern a country with so many cheeses.
The most violent took place in May 1968, when General DeGaulle left the presidency.
French President deGaulle believed it was an empty threat.
It is truer now of our best and brightest than when Charles DeGaulle said it in 1963: "Ils ne sont pas serieux.
Aa Much of the credit goes to France's President Charles DeGaulle, who had the courage and foresight to surmount wartime hatreds and lay the foundations for a peaceful, modern Europe.
Wearing a T-shirt Jackson signed in London in April, Betty DeGaulle, 80 - who has been to every performance since Thriller opened in January - said: "I have cancer and only a few years to live.
Cops at Paris' Charles DeGaulle airport allegedly handcuffed the 'Tudors' actor after he challenged them to a brawl, as he was preparing to fly out of the country.
He issues directives, positions the Situationists in relation to the war in Algeria and DeGaulle, expels those who fail to follow the party line (seven of the original eight founders are dismissed, leaving only Debord).
In 1965 he was appointed head of the economic development faculty of the Sorbonne by President Charles DeGaulle.
Former guests include the Queen, King Edward VII, Winston Churchill, Charles deGaulle and Charlie Chaplin.
Our treatment of DeGaulle is a blow to unity, and our appeasement of the House of Savoy must be discouraging to whatever people there are in Italy who think.