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French impressionist painter (1834-1917)

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Degas rebuked the practice of painting out of doors, preferring to work from memory and to capture the interior effects of artificial light.
The excellent conservation of a fan-shaped painting on silk from the Baltimore Museum of Art allows us to understand why Degas wanted to show a room full of fans in the 1879 Impressionist Exhibition.
And it shows the way Degas used sculpture to create his painting compositions.
Mr Anderson said the new sculpture would join two other works by Degas to form part of the gallery's collection of French art.
Degas, who is regarded as one of the fathers of impressionism, kicked off his classical art education in Rome where he followed evening classes at the Medici Villa.
Marc Porter, chairman of Christie's Americas, said: "The exceptional results for these three masterpieces by Van Gogh, Degas and Pissarro are further evidence of Elizabeth Taylor's skill and sophistication as a collector.
The curtains have lifted at the spectacular Degas and Ballet: Picturing Movement exhibition at the Royal Academy in London and you are invited to take your seat.
Two paintings by Lautrec derive so closely from Degas that they may almost be called imitations: line Rousse a la Toilette (Musee d'Orsay) and A la Mie (Musee d'Albi).
To the uninitiated it seems that these 74 sculptures are the work of famous French artist Edgar Degas (1834-1917).
15 million pastel drawing by Edgar Degas from a French museum also attempted to steal two paintings, including one by Degas.
He's a secret art collector and loves Degas - plus he's a huge fan of Banksy," the Mirror quoted an insider, as saying.
From those who associated with him, Degas exacted an emotional toll.
The second device is used to debubble and degas fluids with similar surface tensions to water.
ZURICH: Four paintings by Cezanne, Degas, Van Gogh and Monet stolen from a Zurich museum are valued at more than $164 million (BD61.
The paintings are: 'Poppies near Vetheuil' by Claude Monet (1879), 'Count Lepic and his Daughters' by Edgar Degas (1871), 'Chestnut in Bloom' by Vincent Van Gogh (1890) and 'Boy in a Red Waistcoat' by Paul Cezanne (1888).