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Synonyms for deformation

Synonyms for deformation

a change for the worse

alteration in the shape or dimensions of an object as a result of the application of stress to it

the act of twisting or deforming the shape of something (e


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This book presents a general elastic and elastoplastic analysis method for the treatment of two- and three-dimensional contact problems between two deformable bodies undergoing small displacements with and without friction.
The final term in Eq 3 represents a heat production term resulting from plastic work in deformable bodies, which formally couples the mechanical and thermal analyses.
In the case of deformable bodies there are several choices available.
Particle adhesion force between adhesive deformable bodies was shown by Zhou [21] and between rigid boundary by Feng [22].
Coverage progresses from reference kinematics to mechanics of deformable bodies, finite-element formulation, and the large deformation problem.