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What I want you to observe is that in Herbert Spencer's definition of 'life' the activity of a machine is included--there is nothing in the definition that is not applicable to it.
His definition of virtue as 'the power and desire of attaining things honourable,' like the first definition of justice in the Republic, is taken from a poet.
He who believes that the cowslip is descended from the primrose, or conversely, ranks them together as a single species, and gives a single definition.
Though this can only be decided by comparison with other members of the species, and thus exposes us to the need of comparison which we thought an objection to Professor Lloyd Morgan's definition.
The DataCentric Analyzer's capability of standardizing the source code data definitions provides users the opportunity to establish a common "library" of terms and definitions for its outdated legacy code.
Estimated revenues from completed acquisitions currently under negotiations would generate an additional $100 million in sales to Definition, Ltd.
Development of the definition for the Mexican Peso rate option increases certainty for the institutions active in the Mexican market.
In addition to a comprehensive section by section commentary on the Definitions themselves, this book ensures that you understand:
amp; WASHINGTON -- The Grocery Manufacturers of America (GMA), the largest trade group representing food, beverage and consumer product companies, announced today its support for the trade channel definitions marketed by TDLinx, a division of ACNielsen, a VNU business.
SPE appreciates CERA's recognition of the value of our reserves definitions and the competence of our standard-setting process.
The product definitions affect specific categories:
This half-million-acre discrepancy seems reasonable given the difference in number of national forests, the magnitude of the survey, and the potential for variation in definitions and survey methods.
Of course, the definitions of value used, the valuation procedures performed and numerous other factors are directly influenced by applicable laws and regulations.
The sap of the proper definition of "business income" under the Uniform Division of Income for Tax Purposes Act (UDITPA) continues to unfold.
Under the pre-specified, prospective definitions used in Endeavor clinical trial protocols, Endeavor has an overall thrombosis rate of 0.