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What I want you to observe is that in Herbert Spencer's definition of 'life' the activity of a machine is included--there is nothing in the definition that is not applicable to it.
I will conclude with an attempt to give a more precise definition of a piece of matter.
More importantly, Section 832 excludes the following categories of agreements from the definition of subcontract: "a contract the costs of which are applied to general and administrative expenses or indirect costs; or an agreement entered into by a contractor or subcontractor for the supply of a commodity, a commercial product, or a commercial service that is intended for use in the performance of multiple contracts." (See Section 831 for the definitions of a "commercial product" and a "commercial service," which would replace the term "commercial item.")
middle market (MM) CLO managers ease corresponding definitions to meet high asset demand, Fitch Ratings says.
Definitions for pharmaceuticals are provided in 210.3 and referenced in 211 Subpart A--General Provisions, section 211.3 Definitions.
They come up with two made-up "definitions" that could sound believable.
The differences between mathematical language and everyday language are explored in the mathematics education literature, demonstrating that mathematical definitions are negotiated and used differently, such as Landau's comparison of extracted definitions and stipulated definitions (as cited in Edwards & Ward, 2004) and how these differences influence students' thinking (Edwards & Ward, 2004; Zaslavsky & Shir, 2005).
At the movies Love Label fishtail blouse, Definitions motocross biker jeans wrap bangle stack Carvela metal plate sandals
NEHA recently approved newly revised definitions of the terms "environmental health" and "environmental health professional" at the July 2013 board of directors meeting in Crystal City, Virginia.
Note these examples comparing the definitions of disability:
ERIC Descriptors: Electronic Learning; Online Courses; Blended Learning; Elementary Secondary Education; Definitions; Educational Opportunities; Educational Improvement; Improvement Programs; Educational Research; Educational Practices; Policy Formation; Guidance Programs; Vocabulary Development; Research Projects
This definition encompasses all the previous definitions in that archivists define a record as a data element, evidence, and an institutional activity.
Lilian van Tuyl took the lead in performing a systematic literature review to see how well current remission definitions had been validated against long-term outcome.
The NDSS is a collaborative initiative that focuses on using administrative databases to identify individuals with diabetes (4,5) NDSS definitions have been in use for several years now, but their validity is only partially characterized.
For practice to proceed efficiently, "operational definitions" are required, but such definitions should translate the concepts described in the formal definitional statement into tangible actions (Hempel, 1961).