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spending money raised by borrowing

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S&P expects that most oil exporting GCC sovereigns' liquid assets will remain available to assist with potential deficit financing.
But we do not expect this to be the only source of deficit financing.
Chidambaram had mentioned the current account deficit financing needs of $75bn over a period of two years through foreign direct investment, FIIs or external commercial borrowings.
The government borrowing from commercial banks surpassed budgetary projections for deficit financing for the entire fiscal year during the first quarter, an official said.
S&P added that it considered $86 million in capital revenue as "below-the-line" deficit financing.
The deficit financing bill, which would allow the government to sell bonds needed to fund almost half of the budget, has languished in parliament as the ruling Democratic Party tussles with opposition parties that can use their control of the upper house to reject legislation.
The SBP faces greater-than-expected drawdowns in its foreign exchange reserves and higher government deficit financing from domestic markets.
Liu explained that government's debt is based on its financial state in 2009, when the government resorted to deficit financing, including the issuance of consumption vouchers, in an attempt to stimulate domestic demand.
Next, Kulick sees an opportunity in deficit financing TV programs.
We should note, however, that he also criticised the previous Labour government for making moderate use of deficit financing to save people's jobs.
This aspect of the previous debt eroding current resources is a negative fallout of the deficit financing that the country had to go in for in order to turn around the economy in the wake of the financial meltdown.
While focusing on the vertical integration of the resources, the meeting agreed to work more as the conservative data in hand would result in increased deficit financing.
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The results underscored more dissociation than association between deficit financing and specified macroeconomic enhancement variables.
They believe higher interest rates will cause problems for the corporate sector as well as government deficit financing.