Defense Secretary

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the person who holds the secretaryship of the Defense Department

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the position of the head of the Department of Defense

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Defense Secretary Mark Esper is in Ulaanbaatar as part of his first international tour since accepting the Cabinet post last month, Voice of America reports.
There is no question however that the bells' return has also inadvertently brought to the fore the efforts made by the two distinguished gentlemen who were largely responsible for ironing out the details of the momentous occasion ndash US Defense Secretary James Mattis and Defense Secretary Lorenzana.
The Philippine's Department of Defense (DND) currently has a personnel exchange arrangement with the Russian Ministry of Defense which was initiated in 2009 by then Defense Secretary Gilbert Teodoro.
Defense Secretary said 'We need to try one more time to make this strategy work with them, by, with and through the Pakistanis, and if our best efforts fail, the President Donald Trump is prepared to take whatever steps are necessary,'
The UK Defense Secretary has lauded the Islamic Military Alliance in combating terrorism.
ISLAMABAD -- The Supreme Court of Pakistan (SCP) indicted Asif Yasin, Defense Secretary, for contempt of court in Islamabad on Tuesday.
Occupied Jerusalem: April 21 -- (BNA)-- The US Defense Secretary, Mr.
Rizvi Mufthi along with several other Muslim dignitaries including individuals and lawyers met on 19th February, Defense Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa.
Pakistan's defense secretary is generally appointed with the consent of the army chief, and acts as a bridge between the government and the military.
Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has arrived in north Iraq Kurdistan's Capital of Arbil on Tuesday, where he conferred with Kurdistan President, Massoud Barzani and Kurdistan Premier, Barham Saleh, an Arbil media source reported.
Summary: US Defense secretary Robert Gates has criticised General Stanley McChrystal after he mocked some of President Obama's closest aides.
But Cheney--former aide to Rumsfeld in the Nixon administration, chief of staff in the Ford administration, defense secretary in the first Bush administration, and House intelligence committee chairman during the Iran-Contra scandal (in which he backed the Reagan White House)--is no novice in the art of bureaucratic warfare.
WASHINGTON -- Deputy Defense Secretary Gordon England called on what he called some of the best minds in the country to help come up with new solutions to the threat improvised explosive devices pose to U.S.
law to give Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld broad authority over clandestine operations abroad," reported the Washington Post on the same day.
Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld is planning a tour of Asian countries, including Japan and South Korea, in late October, a Defense Department source said Friday.
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