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In response to complaints from the SDB community, the Defense Department introduced Section 831 of the National Defense Authorization Act, an initiative (the legislation for which became effective last year) designed to create a nurturing relationship between major prime contractors and minority suppliers.
Defense Department forestry is still dominated by men, although a few women are making inroads.
The Defense Department is the leader among federal agencies in using its contractual power to cause its vendors to improve their cybersecurity.
Despite WHCA's considerable bulk, however, this 800-pound gorilla has operated with little attention from either its Defense Department or White House masters.
The Defense Department first declassified ocean areas around Antarctica and later all data south of 30*S.
The Defense Department has stocks of supplies the military doesn't use and sometimes not enough of what it really needs.
and Georgian defense officials met at the Pentagon Wednesday for the U.S.-Georgia Bilateral Defense Consultations, the Defense Department said Thursday.
The August 2005 Defense Department Manufacturing Technology Improvements for Warfighters pamphlet describes how the DoD ManTech Program "supports the development of a responsive, world-class manufacturing capability to affordably meet the warfighters' needs throughout the defense system life cycle." This 16-page brochure presents an overview of the ManTech Program and clearly demonstrates the contributions and commitment of the program to the development and sustainment of critical military technology.
Barnet and his IPS comrades soon proved they meant to help our nation's enemies in more concrete ways by releasing stolen Top Secret documents from the Defense Department now known as the Pentagon Papers.
For DTS, CACI provides program management assistance in support of an online system being developed to automate travel functions for the entire Defense Department. On this project, OSD is making use of CACI capabilities in secure communications and e-Commerce to better test and evaluate the new system.
Declan McCullagh broke the story in the online Wired News and his Politech e-mail news service, pointing out that Gore was just 21 years old when the Defense Department commissioned the original ARPANET in 1969.
Together, NASA and the Defense Department would contribute $260 million toward development of the National
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