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His DMT profile suggested that he was a "slow starter" emotionally and had many defence mechanisms, in particular repression and isolation.
It appeared that he had little need to develop further defence mechanisms.
They postulated that the demands and frustrations of life experience contribute to the development of the defence mechanisms which influence the nature of personality.
Two examples were offered illustrating different aspects of the relationship to primary carers within the family system, the formation of the defence mechanisms and how they affected subsequent leadership capacity.
The psychological assessment work of the authors is based on a Kleinian model of personality development and the Defence Mechanism Test (DMT).
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There are also significant differences noted in the degree of utilization of a mature form of defence mechanism among the addicts at the later phase of treatment.
But, alteration of defence mechanism in itself would not be able to act as a good indicator of psychological well-being among psychoactive drug addicts.
The development of defence mechanism. Journal of Personality, 55(4), 597-614.
The defence mechanism inventory: A review of research and discussion on the scales.
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