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capable of being annulled or voided or terminated


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The focus of his research is on the formal foundations and effective implementation of defeasible reasoning systems for autonomous agents.
Emotive (or ethical) terms are the keystone of complex patterns of defeasible reasoning from classification, values, and consequences, whose defeasibility conditions need to be investigated.
Another important element of defeasible reasoning is the notion of conflicting literals.
John Pollock [1974] and others brought the idea of defeasibility into epistemology to address questions of justification.(2) Later Pollock integrated his philosophical work with computer science, developing a theory of defeasible reasoning [Pollock 1987; 1991a].
What is original is the use of three logical resources that were not available to the classical authors: (1) mereology [21] (the calculus of individuals -- essentially a variant of Cantorian set theory adapted to aggregates of concrete things); (2) modern modal logic; and (3) nonmonotonic logic (the theory of defeasible reasoning).
Pollock's views about defeasible reasoning are of great interest but they don't solve the problem just raised.
Lascarides, Asher, and Oberlander [14], whose approach is also founded on defeasible reasoning, address the inference of certain types of coherence relations [9] between segments and of temporal relations between the events that the discourse refers to.
They are rather a kind of defeasible reasoning, because the premises can always be revised if the information changes.
A Defeasible Reasoning Model of Inductive Concept Learning from Examples and Communication.
In Knowledge Representation and Defeasible Reasoning, eds.