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The two countries will reportedly perform deep-sea diving and destruction of underwater obstacles to step up their combined capability for rescue missions during both peacetime and times of war.
In the former, the intrepid presenter set a new deep-sea diving record after plunging 1,000ft below sea level in a submersible - further than anyone has ever gone before.
Glow: Animals with Their Own Night-Lights is the next best thing to deep-sea diving, and discusses bioluminescence in nature.
The film recounts young hero Ghanem Mohamed al-Muftah's deep-sea diving experience as he overcomes a rare physical ailment, Caudal Regression Syndrome, with determination.
Eighty-five chapters are divided into 15 units: introduction to physiology; membrane physiology, nerve and muscle; the heart; the circulation; the body fluids and kidneys; blood cells, immunity, and blood coagulation; respiration; aviation, space, and deep-sea diving physiology; the nervous system: general principles and sensory physiology; the nervous system: the special senses; the nervous system: C.
When people think of deep-sea diving, they generally do not think of the U.S.
Our lungs have not been optimized to function properly during deep-sea diving. To better understand this phenomenon, scientists turned, as usual, to nature.
Perhaps the most famous of all is former footballer Lloyd Scott who completed the race in a 1940s deep-sea diving suit.
BBC1, 9pm Sarah Millican researches her family tree, learning that her great-great-great-grandfather had a key role in the world of deep-sea diving. She then follows the trail of his father to Canada, where he worked for the country's oldest retailer, the Hudson's Bay Company.
Eco-friendly motorcycle travels 60 miles on a tank of air An inventor in Australia has managed to turn a standard Yamaha WR250R motorcycle into a completely emissions-free vehicle by swapping its gas tank for one more commonly used in deep-sea diving. Dean Benstead employed a scuba tank filled with compressed air to build his O2 Pursuit -- which can travel more than 60 miles at speeds as high as 87 mph before it needs a refill.E Nov 6, 2012
A SCOTS soldier is teaching his comrades deep-sea diving - in the middle of the Afghan desert.
Washington, August 17 ( ANI ): Dinosaur-like creatures may have scarred themselves during leisurely deep-sea diving and not from resurfacing too quickly, as previously believed.
If you think its hard to drum up venture capital these days for a promising Internet startup or a home-based business going corporate, imagine trying to coax investors to support deep-sea diving to discover old shipwrecks.
Today its interests range from woodland burials to deep-sea diving, and from corner shops to Transit vans.
Former firefighter Lloyd Scott, who once did the marathon in a vintage deep-sea diving suit, lay on a trolley and pulled himself along in his heavy costume at a rate of one mile day.