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Synonyms for Watson

United States telephone engineer who assisted Alexander Graham Bell in his experiments (1854-1934)

United States psychologist considered the founder of behavioristic psychology (1878-1958)

United States geneticist who (with Crick in 1953) helped discover the helical structure of DNA (born in 1928)

References in classic literature ?
We soon left the path and took to the ice; and after wandering amongst the crevices UN PEU, to admire the wonders of these deep blue caverns, and hear the rushing of waters through their subglacial channels, we struck out a course toward L'AUTRE CO^T'E and crossed the glacier successfully, a little above the cave from which the infant Rhone takes its first bound from under the grand precipice of ice.
From above came one thin knife-edge of sunshine, and fifteen feet over our heads one saw the tops of the reeds swaying against the deep blue sky.
To him she seemed something almost divine; and whenever her golden head and deep blue eyes peered out upon him from behind some dusky cotton-bale, or looked down upon him over some ridge of packages, he half believed that he saw one of the angels stepped out of his New Testament.
"Well, Ned, it isn't exactly like going up in an airship," and Tom Swift who was gazing over the rail down into the deep blue water of the Caribbean Sea, over which their vessel was then steaming, looked at his chum beside him.
Only the same mischievous smile and amused gleam in her deep blue eyes.
There was no cloth upon the table, and the china made regular circles of deep blue upon the shining brown wood.
"That's what took me off my feet--her eyes--blue, not China blue, but deep blue, like the sea and sky all melted into one, and very wise.
Looking through the telescope, one saw a circle of deep blue and the little round planet swimming in the field.
I should lie out in the garden in a hammock and read sentimental novels with a melancholy ending, until the books should fall from my listless hand, and I should recline there, dreamily gazing into the deep blue of the firmament, watching the fleecy clouds floating like white-sailed ships across its depths, and listening to the joyous song of the birds and the low rustling of the trees.
It was the beginning of a day in June; the deep blue sky unsullied by a cloud, and teeming with brilliant light.
On the opposite side of the road was a large sign-board on a high post, representing the head and shoulders of a gentleman with an apoplectic countenance, in a red coat with deep blue facings, and a touch of the same blue over his three-cornered hat, for a sky.
M2 EQUITYBITES-May 2, 2019-Comcast Acquires Deep Blue Communications to Strengthen Network Solutions
The new Deep Blue Filter for Google Photos adds colors to photos of natural elements such as the water and sky, which makes them more visible and vibrant.
has acquired New York-based predictive analytics firm Deep Blue Analytics Inc., the company said.