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a person who announces and plays popular recorded music

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Dee-Jay, who scored in the tourney, said: "Not many boys my age can say they've scored on Italian soil.
Boy Dave Foley Warren Peace Steven Strait Ethan Dee-Jay Daniels Zach Nicholas Braun Magenta Kelly Vitz Mr.
Teesside Coroner's Court heard how "healthy" Dee-Jay had been placed in his parents' Stockton bed after an early morning feed, at around 2am on December 30, 2010.
She called for an ambulance and Mr Mahoney was instructed to give Dee-Jay mouth-to-mouth resuscitation until paramedics arrived at their home.
Dee-Jay was taken to the University Hospital of North Tees, where he was pronounced dead.
Detective Inspector John Ward from Cleveland Police told the court on Tuesday that there were "no suspicious circumstances" surrounding Dee-Jay's death.
The court heard that, at eight days old, Dee-Jay was admitted to hospital with bronchitis but was released the same day, he also suffered from a tummy bug in the days leading up to his death.
The veteran dee-jay polled 55 per cent of the 1.5 million votes cast during Sunday's final between himself and It Girl Tara Palmer-Tomkinson - and was watched by 12 million viewers.
A cheesy-grinned reminder of those tragic days when tank-topwearing Radio 1 dee-jays elevated themselves to major celebrity status by making their private tragedies and charity work public, in between telling us how middle-of-the-road records "rocked".
Dee-Jay Cruz Mahoney, who was only four weeks and six days old when he passed away from cot death, was buried at Durham Road Cemetery, Stockton.
And she says it took a heart-wrenching 15 minutes before baby Dee-Jay could finally be buried.
Now Kelly, who paid pounds 137.50 for Dee-Jay's grave, has made a formal complaint to Stockton Borough Council.
TERRIBLE TRAGEDY: Dee-Jay Cruz Mahoney was just four weeks and six days old when he died of cot death but when it was time to bury him, the grave was not wide enough UPSET: Kelly Tullius and partner Dave Mahoney are pictured with, from left, Harley, Mckenzie and Dolcie, at the grave of baby Dee-Jay, after having to suffer the horror of watching a council worker have to widen the grave at Durham Road Cemetary Picture by PETER REIMANN
The Dee-Jays Cambrian Rally is one of the most demanding forest events in Wales.
The headlines start screaming, the manic, speeded-up adverts for matches start on television, the thumping dance music that always accompanies them sends your head spinning, dee-jays start drooling about how much they love "footie" (ugh!), that bloody Three Lions song slurps out of the radio .