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reasoning from the general to the particular (or from cause to effect)

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Deductive methods involve item generation based on an extensive literature review and pre-existing scales (Hinkin 1995).
As with the majority of philosophers, Kuhn adopts a deductive method to draw his conclusions.
Branson and geography was taught by Collier Cobb at the Wilson Graded School through a deductive method in 1884 see Proceedings of the North Carolina Teachers' Assembly (Raleigh, N.C., 1884): 33-37, 52-53.
Future research should attempt to articulate a deductive methodology for comparable sales analysis combining nonparametric, rank correlation statistics, like the K statistic, or other non-parametric statistics of rank relation (e.g., Spearman's statistic),(3) into the traditional deductive method of comparable sales analysis currently relying often on intuitive, heuristic, and ad hoc decision models to make adjustments.
Kiser and Hechter's critique of Skocpol is anchored in their disdain for what they see as inductive theory and conjunctural arguments, and their endorsement of an alternative deductive method exemplified in rational-choice theory of revolutions.
Boltzmann advocated a hypothetico-deductive deductive method to arrive at scientific theories, which he called 'deductive representation':
A deductive method works within a framework of a given theory.
La sainte vierge dans l'histoire reflects T.'s naturalistic interpretation of dogma as the product of human creativity in response to contingent circumstance, a stance that set him worlds apart from the exalted claims for Mary then advanced by neo-Scholastic theologians on the basis of their deductive method and recourse to the principle of fittingness.
Branson and geography was taught by Collier Cobb at the Wilson Graded, School through a deductive method in 1884 see Proceedings of the North Carolina Teachers Assembly (Raleigh, N.C., 1884): 33-37, 52-53.
His book demonstrates that he would have better referred in his title to "formal deductive methods." Indeed, in the Preface to Introduction to Logic and to the Deductive Sciences, the original Polish title (1936) was translated by Tarski himself as On Mathematical Logic and Deductive Method.
Appraisers may also commit logical fallacies, i.e., impose inductive reasoning of parametric statistics on a deductive method, and violate parametric assumptions in the process.(1) The problem and the solution lie in the principle of substitution.
At one point, Hausman compares the deductive method in contemporary economics with Mill's "inexact method a priori" and shows that they are almost identical.
Summing up after the first two weeks' debate, Joseph Ratzinger -- still at this date archbishop of Munich -- acknowledged the existence of two contrasting approaches: one based on the experience of the married (the inductive method) and the other based on a priori doctrine (the deductive method).
employs a deductive method of analysis that places a heavy demand on readers.