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a telephone line serving a single subscriber

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Checking the features listed above, it is quite necessary to use the train running simulation to analyze the train flow features on a passenger dedicated line to reveal formation mechanism of nonlinear characteristics of the railway traffic system, to predict its tendency, and to control it efficiently.
National chain Premier Inn says interest in the event has reached such a level that the reservations team was considering setting up a dedicated line to handle the 'pele-tons' of calls.
The police Caught on Camera team have a dedicated line for people to ring and the ECHO website has a special section that brings you more pictures of the suspects.
Frontier said that its high-speed Internet service is delivered on a dedicated line from the company's central switching office to the customer's home or business.
Poyry's customer is Chinese entity Xi'an-Datong Passenger Dedicated Line Company Ltd and the Finnish company will perform the work in cooperation with local firm China Railway Jinan Construction Supervision Co Ltd.
Hazim Alaeddin, Kulacom Jordan's CEO, stated, "Even though we entered the market less than a year ago, we stand out as a fully independent service provider that has its own independent international gateway, and to that effect we have the capability of offering our Leased Line customers an array of benefits that include competitive prices, unlimited usage, carrier-grade equipment, a dedicated line, no port or set-up fees, fast installation, a professional support team and a dedicated engineer to cater to your needs at anytime of the day."
If long-distance services ran on a dedicated line, they argue, the existing rail network could be used for commuter travel and freight.
Member benefits include unlimited free entry to gardens, quarterly magazine, discounts on orders from The Organic Gardening Catalogue, access to expert gardening advice via a dedicated line, members' only web forums, shop, restaurant and course discounts, and much more.
They can be contacted via a dedicated line on 01352 701234 and will be easily identifiable in their blue uniforms.
Many times the volumes of a dedicated material is so low that it is not feasible to fit it into a large-scale process schedule and building a dedicated line is the only alternative.
The service comes directly into a customer's home on a dedicated line, and includes 24/7 live customer support, a 30-day money-back guarantee, nine e-mail accounts, 10MB of personal web space and unlimited access to entertainment on
This typically involves patients having to phone a dedicated line staffed by trained health professionals.
I phoned and left messages on their dedicated line. The dire threats continued to drop through the letter box.
Although a handful of breweries have run trials, Holsten is the first company to build a dedicated line for beer and beer-based PET packages.
In the past, this was accomplished with a dedicated line linking the systems between the companies.
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