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Synonyms for bedsore

a chronic ulcer of the skin caused by prolonged pressure on it (as in bedridden patients)

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Decubitis ulcer###1 (0.5%)###0 (0%)###1 (0.8%)###0.425
Coverage includes beach chair and lateral decubitis positioning, shoulder portals, diagnostic arthroscopy of the shoulder, subacromial decompression, distal clavicle excision, bridging suture techniques for rotator cuff repair, subscapularis repair, repair of massive rotator cuff tears, superior labral repair, anterior labral repair, capsular imbrication (plication), arthroscopic capsular release, coracoplasty, and anthroscopic biceps tenodesis.
Residents with serious emergent medical conditions (for example, aspiration pneumonia, difficulty swallowing, dehydration, or decubitis ulcers) were excluded from the study because these conditions required immediate treatment.
In contrast, the hip fracture and stroke IRF patients have fewer comorbidities than the average patient in those groups, including lower rates of coronary artery disease, nutritional deficiencies, cellulitis or decubitis ulcer, and dementia (not shown in tables).
After flap surgery for a decubitis ulcer on my left ischial area, I began using a ROHO commode-chair air cushion, since this raised me up a few more inches.
The autoclavable positioner provides rigid fixation of the pelvis and keeps the patient stabilized in the lateral decubitis position in all three planes throughout the entire surgical procedure.
Bone/joint (nonsurgical joint infections, bursitis) 0 Skin/soft tissue (dermatitis, boils, subcutaneous abscess, decubitis, burns, mastitis) 1 Stool (C.
* Use a pressure mapping system to help avoid pressure sores, known technically as decubitis ulcers.
Upset by what King saw was a lack of responsiveness, she made the trek to Fort Smith and resorted to distributing graphic fliers bearing a photograph of decubitis ulcers covering the genital area of her father, a private-pay patient at a Beverly nursing home in Godfrey, Ill.