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the body of codified laws governing the affairs of a Christian church

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En este sentido es representativa su decretal Licet: si una mujer y un varon se intercambian el consentimiento con palabras de presente, ninguno de los dos puede ya tomar a otro por esposo.
Recto manuscript leaf of the Decretals of Gregory IX, with a gloss (Bologna, ca.
Christian soldiers seized Rome in the eighth century after the Donation of Constantine was inflicted and incorporated into the False Decretals (CE1907 vol.
The Decretals of Gregory IX became the first official publication of canon law as a whole and it remained the most important collection until the 1917 Code: id par 141-143, loc, 1081-1092, and Doyle and Rubino: Clergy Sexual Abuse Meets the Civil Law, Fordham Urban Law Journal (2003) Vol.
Historical criticism provided the basis for Dollinger's rejection of the Pseudo-Isidorian decretals and other forged documents on which new papal claims were based.
On February 10, 385, Pope Siricius wrote a decretal in response to the question posed by Himerius, bishop of Tarragona in Spain, regarding the reception of heretics into the Catholic Church.
From the birth of the Carolingian Empire in the year 800 onwards the gifts of Pepin, the Donation of Constantine and the False Decretals were assiduously used by the pontiffs to consolidate their power.
Among the topics are Carl Becker and the liberal paradox, the persistence of civil religion in modern Canada, contrasting Hindu nationalism and the transformative visions of Swami Vivekananda and Mahatma Gandhi, the pseudo-Isidorean decretals and church-stateconflict, and the impact of Justice and Development Party's policies on Turkey's secularist state structure.
Methodologically, the volume welcomes insight into eucharistic theology by exploring art, liturgical drama, architecture, legal decretals, folk feasts, popular piety, and devotional practices.
21) The sharpest example of this is his introduction to De Cive: "It was the speech of the Roman people, to whom the name king had been rendered odious, as well by the tyranny of the Tarquians as by the genius and decretals of that city; it was the speech, I say, of the public, however pronouced from a private mouth (if yet Cato the censor were no more than such): that all kings are to be reckoned amongst ravenous beasts" (Hobbes 1991, 90).
It depicts Pope Gregory IX approving the Vatical Decretals - with a spitting image of Stallone looking on.
68) While for the bishops the legislative framework of the Church was foremost provided by canon law constituted by the rulings of earlier ecclesiastical synods together with papal decretals, for Columbanus the Bible (including the Old Testament) was primary, and alongside this lay the authority of earlier, widely revered Fathers, whose works often consisted of exegetical explications of the Bible.
535, "the second necessary condition for the tax being fair is the final reason or cause" as it says in the Decretals.
He looked to the English law of divorce at the time of settlement in New Brunswick, which took him into pre-Reformation ecclesiastical courts, canon law, papal decretals and the established Church of England.
The Twelve Patriarchs, Excerpts and Epistles, the Clementia, Apocrypha, Decretals, Memoirs of Edessa, and Syriac Documents, Remains of the First Ages, rev.