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The decoloration mechanism with algaes may include adsortion, enzymatic degradation or a combination of both (7).
According to the obtained kinetics of removal, using viable biomass increased significantly the decoloration and the presence of the dyes induced enzymatic activity; suggesting that laccase plays an important role in the attack to the structure of the dyes and therefore to their biodegradation.
Since textile effluent contains a range of dyes, successful decoloration of a single dye does not adequately indicate the suitability of an organism for a decoloration process.
Decoloration of chlorotriazine reactive azo dyes with H2O2/UV, Dyes pigm, 33: 281-98.
Radiation-induced Decoloration and Sedimentation of Colloidal Disperse Dyes Water Appl Radiat lsot 1996; 48(2): 175-81.
The degree of decoloration of methanolic solution of DPPH indicates the scavenging efficiency of the added oil.
Gavril M, Hodson PV (2007) Investigation of the Toxicity of the Products of Decoloration of Amaranth by Trametes versicolor.
Part of the study was dedicated to evaluate the capability of zeolite from fly ash for the decoloration of methylene blue and the second objective was addressed to the toxicity of dye and how the treatment will modify this property.
However, dyes can chemically interact with sealing materials or dentin, which may influence its diffusion or promote tracer decoloration, impairing an adequate marginal leakage evaluation.
Decoloration and gel-forming ability of horse mackerel mince by air-flotation washing.
oceanica pourraient etre considerees comme un materiau biologique assez prometteur et ainsi valorisees en tant qu'adsorbant bon marche et efficace pour la decoloration des effluents contamines par les colorants textiles.
Asi mismo, aparecen terminos como cellulose, enzyme, dye, fiber, textile y cellulose binding domain, junto con procesos como enzymatic hydrolysis, finishing, scouring, dyeing y decoloration.
In 2 published outbreaks, the Brucella isolate resisted decoloration and appeared as a gram-positive or gram-variable coccobacillus and thus was misidentified as micrococcus or a coryneform bacillus (14,29).