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exploitation by a stronger country of weaker one

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1996) (noting that "the principle has often appeared in practice to be an adjunct of the decolonialisation [sic] process rather than an autonomous principle.
Much of the rest of Asia was beginning decolonialisation, and relationships with Western countries mainly focused on official development assistance from previous colonial masters.
It is no wonder then that the Native Club is housed at the Africa Institute of South Africa (AISA) where ideologies of pan-Africanism, decolonialisation and Afrocentricity are being propagated.
research on the effectiveness of heritage centres as part of the decolonialisation and de-museumisation of aboriginal cultures in Canada and in particular how this intersects with aboriginals, nonaboriginals, youth/generation and gender.
He would also be on hand to see decolonialisation come to the region.