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Synonyms for declination

a marked loss of strength or effectiveness

Synonyms for declination

a condition inferior to an earlier condition

(astronomy) the angular distance of a celestial body north or to the south of the celestial equator

a polite refusal of an invitation

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Yet, the most commonly cited reason for declining to pursue a prosecution was evidentiary concerns, accounting for nearly half (forty-eight percent) of all declinations.
Note that the declinations are not referred to geographic north, as the core was not oriented in azimuth.
It is thus a plausible, though not precise, indicator of the latter point, whose declination, -21 [degrees] [multiplied by] 6, does correspond (within the margins of uncertainty mentioned above) to the upper limb of the setting sun at a time 1/16 of a year before or after the winter solstice.
Their declinations are some distance apart--approximately 46 |degrees~ and 38 |degrees~ north, respectively.
Criss also used the declinations to correct some of the explorers' maps.
We need tables of all the indicated lines in the barrows (and other sites) with the declinations so marked, including those which seem clear in the structure but fail to point to anything 'interesting' in the sky.
Only three samples were taken from this vessel; all showed a single component of high stability to alternating magnetic fields with identical inclinations, 45--46[degrees], for two samples although their declinations differed by 100[degrees] and the third sample vector was completely different.
The 1994 decline ratio -- the rate at which minority loan applications were declined divided by the rate of white loan declinations -- was 1.
Surplus-lines agents also would have the ability to export policies to surplus-lines carriers without obtaining three declinations, which would usually be required by law.
The calculation of annual energy consumption for centrifugal pumps of various designs was carried out during the analysis of the calculated proportional pressure control mode with the certain declinations of pump control curves (20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, and 100%) (WinCAPS 2011; WiloSelect 2010) (Figure 5).
Something that is new in the document is a first-time glimpse into declinations, or cases that the DOJ explored but decided not to prosecute.
Even when seen from more southerly declinations, Sculptor is a faint constellation whose brightest stars are only 4th magnitude, so the constellation will probably be all but invisible from the UK.
And, "despite initial concerns that the convenience of an EHR would lead to a high rate of declinations," it was observed that voluntary vaccination rates exceeded national and state averages.
If criminal investigations closed by career prosecutors during one administration can so easily be reopened at the direction of political appointees in the next, declinations of prosecution will be rendered meaningless," the former directors of the CIA wrote in a letter released Friday.
NASA did provide data on declinations from their Staffing and Recruiting System (StaRS), which is the only readily available NASA-wide source for this type of data.