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Synonyms for declension

Synonyms for declension

the inflection of nouns and pronouns and adjectives in Indo-European languages

a class of nouns or pronouns or adjectives in Indo-European languages having the same (or very similar) inflectional forms

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Patterns of stem syncretism in grade-alternating declensions define cohort sets, but these sets comprise pure form classes.
Declension I (the es-type): traditional strong masculines (stan) and neuters (word, scip)
For instance, masculine and neuter nouns of the Latin second and fourth declensions usually fell into the OE a-declension (e.g., s(e)alm 'psalm', decan 'dean', engel 'angel', disc 'dish', win 'wine', etc., from Latin psalmus, decanus, discus, vinum); only few of them were integrated into the weak nouns (e.g., cristalla 'crystal', from Lat.
For instance, the fact that Viitso and Ernstreits (2012) capture the vast majority of inflexional variation by identifying only thirteen declensions indicates that there are instances of regularity in Livonian which provide predictive information for language-users.
There was another life beckoning, lurid tales of sexual conquest, all a sight more attractive than the advanced Latin declensions of Form Six.
Chapter 4: Noun cases, five declensions, and dictionary work
The primary content of the desinences of the different declensions is specification of number and case; absence of gender specification in the inflectional pattern of Dec12 as such is a correct observation, but it does not mean that there is no content associated with the expression elements.
declensions as recovery botox smothering neuter and diffident an arousal
Therefore, they employ a synchronic approach, based predominantly on inflectional endings, thus recognizing as-declension, a-declension, an-declension, and minor declensions (2011: 69-145).
Users of this book need to know the basic framework of the Latin language: male, female, and neuter, first, second, and third conjugations, regular and deponent verbs, declensions, and so on.
If white, like black, is often considered to be a noncolor (in the same way that a continuous sound spectrum is white noise), in this setting it seemed to exhaust the infinite spectrum of its declensions. At times it was matte and pale, crushed by its own symbolic weight, as in Invisible Man, 1999, a painting by Tim Rollins & K.O.S.
The language-bull of the Rgveda that descended like a shower of rain (vrsabha means both a bull and a shower of rain in Patanjali) had already had four horns, three legs, two heads, seven hands, been bound in three-wise referring to as, Patanjali understands, the divine origin of linguistic structure such as four parts of speech (nouns, verbs, prefixes, particles), three times or tenses (past, present, future), two kinds of words (eternal, produced), seven declensions respectively.
Latinists are a pedantic lot about declensions; get the case wrong, and you receive furious letters from retired Latin masters living in Kenton-on-Sea, pointing out the grammatical errors of your ways.
Tagged by language and stored in the thick declensions of Latin taxonomy, the tree receded to what it was: green shadow on a patio.