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Synonyms for decision

Synonyms for decision

a position reached after consideration

Synonyms for decision

a position or opinion or judgment reached after consideration

(boxing) a victory won on points when no knockout has occurred

the outcome of a game or contest

the trait of resoluteness as evidenced by firmness of character or purpose

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Decision Tree. Decision tree is a common supervised classification method in data mining.
Decision Tree is a hierarchical tree structure that used to classify classes based on a series of questions (or rules) about the attributes of the classes.
The J48 algorithm was selected under the decision tree category while Multi-layered perceptron was chosen from the Neural Network category.
In the decision tree method, the homogenization procedure at each node is solved as follows:
ISO 26262, Functional safety, Safety requirements, ASIL assignment, ASIL decomposition, ASIL allocation, Decision tree algorithm
Decision trees for predicting the academic success of students.
Keywords: machine learning, decision trees, naive Bayesian classifier, ReliefF
In the following parts, results of decision trees method will be discussed.
Using the random forest proposed by Breiman is CART in the training process of the decision tree. The decision tree, which is attribute-value-based testing, will enter the training sets, which are divided into subsets, and each of them will be divided into a subset of a repeated recursively partitioned subset until the next node where all the elements have the same value or attribute value as given or some other stop conditions.
Chen, "Predicting corporate financial distress based on integration of decision tree classification and logistic regression," Expert Systems with Applications, vol.
Objective: This study aimed to identify the major variables in the estimation of health expenditure in OECD member countries with the decision tree method and to categorize the member countries by health expenditure.
Motivated by this challenge, this study describes the ERM decision process in an optimization framework using a copula-based decision tree model to accommodate a flexible dynamic dependence structure among risks, a key to ERM success.
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