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Synonyms for decision

Synonyms for decision

a position reached after consideration

Synonyms for decision

a position or opinion or judgment reached after consideration

(boxing) a victory won on points when no knockout has occurred

the outcome of a game or contest

the trait of resoluteness as evidenced by firmness of character or purpose

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Recognising all the limitations of decision theory, the specialists nonetheless believe that certain tools can be helpful.
basic elements of decision theory are straightforward.
As previously mentioned, we draw on behavioral decision theory to develop the arguments underlying the relationships in this study.
This statement supports basic principles of the Bayesian decision theory. Bayesian statistics defines how new information should be combined with prior beliefs and how information from different modalities should be integrated.
The problem of ambiguity and the inability of decision theory to deal with ambiguity were noted by fuzzy set theorists, behavioralists, and expected utility theorists.
* Standard decision theory Candidate modifications:
Lawyers in government may need to know more about economics, research methods, information systems and decision theory, he added.
This is the first time the internationally renowned conference - entitled International Conference on the Foundations and Applications of Utility, Risk and Decision Theory (FUR) - has taken place in the UK in its 28-year history.
* W6: Interactive Decision Theory and Game Theory Contact: Piotr Gmytrasiewicz, University of Illinois at Chicago (
The next three chapters discuss Decision theory, Markov Chains and Theory of Games respectively.
Relying on Bayesian Decision Theory, an employer's wage decision is assumed to be based on a measurement of individual ability combined with the employer's prior knowledge of the group mean ability, with both of these measures weighted based on the reliability of the measure of the individual's ability.
Cleveland Abbe, who helped establish the Weather Bureau (now the National Weather Service [NWS]), was called "Old Probabilities." Decision theory was also known early on, and I published "The Use of Decision Theory in Meteorology with an Application to Aviation Weather" in Monthly Weather Review in 1964.
The history of behavioural finance is rooted in decision theory, and traces back to 300 BC through the work of the Greek philosopher Aristotle.
In addition, he recognized four other schools or theories of management: empirical school, the social systems school, the decision theory school and the mathematical school.
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