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The second public consultation opened by the CRC is meant for a draft decision process relating to the modification and supplement of the rules for delivering electronic communications using radio equipment via radio frequency spectrum without any individual allocation.
Decision process is the study of identifying and choosing alternatives based on the values and preferences of the decision maker.
Recommendation: To improve the Navy's ability to make well-informed basing decisions that are transparent, repeatable, and defendable, and to strengthen the Navy's guidance and associated documentation for its basing decision process, the Secretary of Defense should direct the Secretary of the Navy to, in its Strategic Laydown Flow Chart, clearly describe how risk is evaluated.
We all tell each other how difficult the camp decision process is for many families.
Despite differences, every partnerships entails a decision process through which the partnerships attempt to clarify and secure their common interest.
At Citigroup, vice president and general manager Anthony Iorio says, "We have fostered a decision process that empowers people who, traditionally, not only didn't make decisions but weren't even asked for their input.
An essential part of the decision process is not to limit the review to the gross tax but to compare present values as well, since under the old method, the greatest savings were in the later years.
discussions which occurred between prosecutors in attendance are going to be very important in the upcoming decision process.
If a dilemma takes weeks to resolve, a committee that meets monthly can research and discuss the problem, becoming part of the decision process.
In addition to identifying key process characteristics, the framework identifies key antecedent and outcome variables associated with the decision process, including the interrelationships among them.
Maxit reduces the complexity of the challenging investment tax decision process by analyzing actionable cost basis scenarios, simplifying tax reporting, eliminating the need for research on corporate actions and identifying wash sales.
The workshop aimed to help the participants identify key concepts using the Decision Process Internationals (DPI) Strategic Thinking Process, a release from the Provincial Information Office said.
Even for larger commercial accounts, the decision process can be enhanced by automating routine tasks such as documenting files, collecting information, completing forms and ordering reports.
Yale University and Stanford University have announced their intentions to end the controversial Early Decision process in favor of non-binding Early Action, beginning with the class of 2008.
The camp decision process continues to be complex, with many different factors converging on both parents and children.