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The Committee individually met with each member of the Selection Committee and asked questions with regard to the Selection process, criteria, decision making process, strategy and other relevant matters.
This investigation was performed at previous work of Health Information System (HIS) decision making process in HIS and Teamwork Communication in HIS.
The problem of the study therefore, is to examine the possibilities of leaders allowing other employees to participate in the decision making process, and how this can positively impact on the performance of the workers in the Nigeria organizations.
As far as decision making process in the Council is concerned, a new voting method is introduced -- double majority voting.
People with disabilities are being encouraged to take an active role in the decision making process.
Newmann presents evidence that there is a consistent pattern in the evolution of the foreign policy decision making process within any president's administration.
In each, the city's normal public input and decision making process had only exacerbated the conflict and resulted in additional frustration and anger.
Nonexistent documentation for a specific decision making process.
Judges responded to the movement against discrimination, Mason contends, by using a more gender-neutral decision making process in custody battles and were therefore more likely than before to give custody to a man.
Such "dug-out-chats" made staff feel important, involved and part of the decision making process.
It provides a theoretically robust and practically relevant up to date guide to the property investment decision making process for REITs.
Limited English proficiency and/or lack of interpreters may limit their access to the decision making process (Sileo, Sileo, & Prater, 1996).