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Synonyms for decimal

a proper fraction whose denominator is a power of 10

a number in the decimal system

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numbered or proceeding by tens


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Decimal numbers and safe interpretation of clinical pathology results.
With the support of technology, the student was able to receive assistance with the calculation she could not do in order to engage with the concepts of the mathematics lesson--working with decimal numbers.
Decimal numbers are introduced in Grade 4; however, the Ministry documents do not specify whether decimals or fractions should be discussed first.
Is the invention in actuality only a mathematical algorithm, such as a computer program designed to convert binary-coded decimal numbers into binary numbers?
Sowder and Markovits believe that meaningful understanding of the size of fraction and decimal numbers can help students in developing number sense in general.
Once we select Decimal, a new Data Validation dialog box similar to the one in exhibit 5 (at right) appears, with choices that relate to decimal numbers. Now we select between in the Data box, and then enter the value of 6.75 in the Minimum box and 14.00 in the Maximum box.
Teachers often give students instructions such as, "To add fractions, first find a common denominator, then add only the numerators" or "To add and subtract decimal numbers, line up the decimals, then do your calculations."
Whereas no test set for decimal [equivalence] binary conversion is included in Coonen [1984], tables of decimal numbers are available [Tydeman 1996] which require a lot more than 53 bits to achieve correct rounding to double-precision binary representation.
Either the pundits did not appreciate the distinction between binary and decimal numbers, which should be entirely clear to any computer science freshman, or they were lying through their collective teeth.
Nearly all loggers come with software that can translate data into ASCII code, which separates decimal numbers by commas and data for each measuring time is separated by a new line character.
"He believed aliens were sending him messages through the Dewey Decimal numbers on the library books," says Catherine, who now finds herself almost crushed by her own swiftly descending curtain of doom.
The notches represent the equivalent of decimal numbers zero through nine.
The library community has employed metadata systems for more than 100 years, classifying information by means of Dewey Decimal numbers and the Library of Congress' alphanumeric system.
We've got Dewey Decimal numbers stuck in our brains.
But that no more conveys an adequate sense of her activities than does describing a librarian as someone who recites Dewey decimal numbers. Miss Manners Rescues Civilization includes some data concerning fork norms and the like, but this is not an especially good source in which to look up lists of Do's and Don't's.