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Synonyms for decimal

a proper fraction whose denominator is a power of 10

a number in the decimal system

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numbered or proceeding by tens


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Designs for the first decimal notes--Series 3--were developed from 1964 when the Decimal Currency Act was passed.
Isuspect,however,thatanyjudge of effectiveness would also want to take into account the fact that the success of this new national brand owed something to the Decimal Currency Act of May 1969.
Report of the Committee of Enquiry on Decimal Currency (The Halsbury Report), London, United Kingdom: Her Majesty's Stationery Office: 1963, ch.
Originally agreed to by Labour Prime Minister Harold Wilson at the request of Chancellor Jim Callaghan, the decision was announced to Parliament in 1966, with the Decimal Currency Board spending pounds 1.25 million - more than pounds 11 million now - on a marketing campaign to prepare people for the change.
New Zealand's switch to decimal currency in July 1967 concluded around three years' continuous and, at times, controversial work by officials from the Decimal Currency Board, The Treasury and the Reserve Bank, among others.
| February 15 TODAY in 1971 marked the beginning of decimalisation in Britain as pounds, shillings and pence were replaced by the all-new "decimal currency".
3 The UK and Ireland switched to decimal currency 4 The average house price in Britain was just over pounds 5,600 and petrol was 33 pence a gallon.
Decimal odds is a sea-change, but we can become accustomed to sea-changes - we did with decimal currency, for example.
In which year was decimal currency introduced in Britain?
So tonight, and for one night only, the theatre has set prices for the performance at just three pound 10 pence in decimal currency.
Forty years ago on the 10th of July 1967 New Zealand replaced pounds, shillings and pence with decimal currency.
YET again we have this silly practice of converting old monies into decimal currency as in the interesting photo and letter (Let Us Spray Said Usherettes, 1.6.07).