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He has every reason to believe (as a result of the position of the current government in Ottawa) that if this lever is abandoned, Quebec will simply have to throw in the towel and give up even the nationalist decentralist vision, let alone the sovereignty option.
Canadian interpretations of the EC model may be broadly classified as supportive of either decentralist or federalist constitutional agendas.
The duo professed "values that are libertarian in the face of authority, decentralist in the face of giantism, and communal among our townspeople.
Hayek pushed a decentralist, libertarian line instead, because he believed that none of us has a monopoly on truth or knowledge and that "to live and work successfully with others requires .
This is the American version of the principle of subsidiarity, the decentralist philosophy that occupies an honored position in Christian social thought.
As a convinced decentralist on many matters, it is how I would have the country function.
However, although COAG in this case was clearly a vehicle for imposing an alternative, cooperative model, it contained important federal and decentralist elements.
The characters Kauffman sketches are decentralist, traditionalist, and constitutionalist.
However, by promoting individualism, equality, abstract rationalism, natural rights, and national centralization of power, no matter how they attempt to control the definitions of these concepts, they do nothing to support a conservative and decentralist understanding of America (49) and, to the degree anyone other than misguided conservatives are paying attention, do much to undermine it.
Moreover, elimination of the Triple-E demand, while aligning with Quebec's decentralist constitutional agenda would meet the stated core objectives of western Canada.
Before any potent or meaningful decentralist political movement develops in this country, we're going to have to rediscover the places in which we live.
A different course could be charted if the right embraced the more decentralist approach advocated by Hendershott.
At this moment in our history, we need his decentralist ideas more than ever.
The more Kauffman read and experienced, the more he developed an affinity for various schools of thought, not all of them mutually consistent: Jeffersonian agrarian distributist, Catholic Worker pacifist, traditional Old Right conservative, transcendentalist, decentralist, anarchist.
And there was more: American industry--once tightly concentrated under the belief that very large companies with huge economies of scale would own the future--professed a new decentralist strategy.