radioactive decay

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the spontaneous disintegration of a radioactive substance along with the emission of ionizing radiation

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The first requirement for the investigation study is to measure the real stepping accuracy at the different decay mode settings.
Alpha], [Beta], and [Gamma] are the slopes of these lines, and represent the rate of annihilation in each decay mode.
However, detecting two-neutrino double-beta decay in the laboratory is not an easy feat, since the energies of the emitted particles are comparable to those found in much more common radioactive decay modes from elements such as uranium, which is present in most materials.
Materials scientists, geologists, and specialists in mining, archeology, environmental science, food analysis and medicine will find this database helpful in determining isotropic composition, total and partial thermal radiative cross-sections, Westcott factors, prompt and delayed energies of gamma rays, decay modes, half-lives and branching ratios in prompt gamma activation analysis (PGAA) projects.
The table provides information on all 109 officially named elements, including over 30 properties, 5,600 nuclides (isotopes), 4,400 nuclide decay modes, the elements' names in eight languages, and more.
A comprehensive investigation of the various Higgs boson detection channels at the LHC, production mechanisms and decay modes, as well as the major sources of backgrounds will be performed in a way that is as close as possible to the experimental conditions.
We discovered some new and interesting decay modes of B mesons, which hadn't ever been seen before," Stone told LiveScience.
General topics include basic principles of atomic physics, including nuclear systematics decay modes of radionuclides, radioactive decay and geochronometry, radiogenic isotope geochronometers, including a complete range of methods, the geochemistry of radiogenic isotopes, including igneous rocks, water, and sediment, and the oceans, short-lived radionuclides, and fractionation of stable isotopes.
There are two unambiguous pieces of evidence for CP- and I-violation: the forbidden decay modes of neutral K and B mesons and the excess of the baryonic matter over antimatter in the present universe.
Uncovering hints of possible new forces and exotic particles requires precise determinations of the top quark's mass, lifetime, and decay modes.
Rare neutron decay modes How many photons does a neutron beam emit?