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This study was undertaken to investigate the population dynamics and fishery of the Decapterus russelli.
The materials used to make fish oil transform kite: fish oil from fish kite (Decapterus sp), bentonite, NaOH, EDTA dilute alcohol, ethanol, HCl, n-hexane, hot urea, methanol, HCl, octyl gallate.
They cited well-known examples of cooperative hunting by mammals and birds, and one by the Black Skip jack (Euthynnus yaito) that herded several hundred scads (Decapterus punctatus) into a tight school (Hiatt & Brock 1948).
The CASA model has also been used for 3 populations of fish: the Pacific cod (Gadus macrocephalus Tilesius, 1810), the longneck croaker (Pseudotolithus typus Linnaeus, 1758), and the round scad (Decapterus russellii Ruppell, 1830).
TABELA I PRINCIPAIS * ESPECIES DE PESCADO PRESENTES NOS DESEMBARQUES PESQUEIROS ORIUNDAS DAS VISITAS AOS CERCOS FLUTUANTES DE TRINDADE, DEZEMBRO 2009-AGOSTO 2010 ** Familia Especie ** Nome local Carangidae Decapterus punctatus Carapau Selenne setapinnis Galo Oligoplites saliens Guaivira Chloroscombrus chrysurus Palombeta Trachinotus sp.
Genetic structure of round scad mackerel Decapterus macrosoma (Carangidae) in the IndoMalay Archipelago.
randalli, hairtail and Decapterus russelli (Kalhoro et al., 2013, 2014a, b, 2015a, b, 2017a, b; Memon et al., 2015a) but the limited work has been done on the maximum sustainable yield of crab fishery from Pakistani waters, the present work will provide some crab fishery appraisal from Pakistani waters, which may help to sustain the stock level of crab fishery.
Decapterus russelli: Figure 32 shows the seasonal distribution of the eggs of Decapterus russelli along Muthupettai coastal waters.