Giovanni Boccaccio

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Italian poet (born in France) (1313-1375)


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Virginia Cox provides a short overview of the history of the Decameron in English translation in The Oxford Guide to Literature in English Translation, ed.
Despite such warnings, certain critics, enraptured by the sheer abundance of interpretative possibilities, have been possessed by the unshakable conviction that every word, letter, and number of the Decameron is freighted with hidden meanings: the text is a dream in need of a Daniel, a riddle awaiting its Oedipus.
Although I affirm the validity of Marcus' reading, which is most certainly supported by the novella, I believe that another reading of men, women, and figurative language in Decameron 5.4--a reading in tension with Marcus's affirmation of the young lovers' active choice and expression--remains nestled here.
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Terzo nella serie delle Lecturae Boccaccii pubblicato sotto l'auspicio della American Boccaccio Association e secondo in ordine di pubblicazione, The "Decameron" Third Day in Perspective, con un saggio introduttivo e dieci capitoli, offre al lettore una panoramica sulla terza giornata del Decameron.
1375: Death of Giovanni Boccaccio, Italian poet and author who wrote The Decameron. 1804: Benjamin Disraeli, twice prime minister, was born in London.
Marilyn Migiel, The Ethical Dimension of the Decameron, Toronto, Buffalo, London: University of Toronto Press, 2015; 197 pp.: ISBN 9781442631885, USD $55.00 (PBK).
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Critics have approached 2.9 from various related formal and gendered perspectives, including as a variant of wager narratives and as an example of the Decameron's discursive strategies concerning women's agency and the power of storytelling, while taking also into consideration Boccaccio's sexual poetics and intratextual self-referentiality.
The author has organized the chapters that make up the main body of her text in four parts devoted to the incivility and greed of the elite in BoccaccioAEs history of courtesy, narrating the elite in BoccaccioAEs writing on politics, the ethical and Dantean framework of the Decameron, and constructing a future for courtesy in the past.
It's curious how veteran filmmakers like the Taviani brothers could have taken "The Decameron," one of the greatest books about storytelling, and turned out a narrative as blandly conveyed as "Wondrous Boccaccio." The classic 14th-century compendium, so full of subversive humor and joyful licentiousness as its plague-escaping narrators entertain each other with bawdy tales, is robbed of its piquancy here.