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the biblical commandments of Moses

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If we internalize Mabini's Decalogue, as well as the teachings of all Filipino heroes who have braved death or persecution for home, nation, justice and freedom, and act accordingly, I think we can all be modern day heroes-even absent any official proclamation.
We have to thank Randy and Nick for bringing them out to remind us of the good governance work we all need to participate in, well in line with Mabini's Decalogue.
Easter being a time of renewal, perhaps this augurs well with going back to the basics inscribed in Mabini's 'Decalogue.' Using Agile's 'daily stand-up,' we can start each day with a huddle either with our families or coworkers.
This study was conceived to test the psychometrical construct validity and the reliability of the Decalogue as a tool to improve the patient's illness experience and to investigate its clinical impact on mood states and on the perception of understanding one's own state of health in a population of outpatients prospectively enrolled in a cardiologic ambulatory setting.
But the grossest distortion in piously polemical citings of the "Ten Words" (as the Tanakh calls them) is the enormous cuts Decalogue enthusiasts make in the original text(s).
Unfortunately, this mobilisation in defence of the principles of Natural Law and the Decalogue came neither from the Irish bishops, nor from Rome.
656 contains a sequence of three unpublished prose texts: an "Exposition on the Creed," a Decalogue tract entitled Decern mandata, and a catalogue of sentences from the books of wisdom entitled Proverbia Salomonis.
The Decalogue is another word for which Biblical instructions?
Krzysztof Kieslowski's Decalogue I (I am the Lord thy God: Thou shalt not have other gods before me) is by far the darkest of the ten short films in which, for each film, one of the ten commandments appears to be, in some degree, the organizing thematic principle.
Two students also recited "The True Decalogue", a pamphlet written by Mabini.
Included in this retrospective program are films from Kieslowski's early career as a documentary maker trying to shine light on the social realities of Poland in the 1970s as well as his 1989 Polish TV drama series "The Decalogue," according to a press release issued Thursday by the museum.
By analyzing Job 31, the author identifies several allusions to the Decalogue and an emphasis on issues of social care for the needy.
Martin returns to this approach in part 3, which focuses on variant texts of the Decalogue.
Although he does not cite Leonard Swidler's "Dialogue Decalogue" (DD) (, Camp's dialogical method admirably conforms to several of its principles.
That Decalogue, after all, has had a long shelf life, and is likely to outlast the self-defeating ten commandments of today's American Jews."