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In fact, Howard's message to readers in that debut issue is still something he is able to state today.
BM Okay, I'll start: Dear Reader, we are thrilled and excited to bring you our debut issue of Ceramics: Art and Perception.
We were preparing to head to Washington, D.C., for a special event to celebrate the just-released debut issue from our new editor, Peter Augustine Lawler.
Look for the debut issue of RBR+TVBR Weekly Tech Roundup delivered Tuesday, July 5th 2016.
Tiger Beat's redesigned cover, on newsstands later this month (left); the magazine's debut issue (above); a selection of covers throughout the decades (right).
While we were picking up the books, we also picked up a copy of the CWC's debut issue of INTERSECTIONS: A FEMINIST PUBLICATION.
"Those that are doing so domestically are mopping up local liquidity." Oman is the latest Gulf sovereign tapping its domestic market to make up some of the funding gap left by low oil prices, opening subscriptions for its debut issue of Islamic bonds.
Certainly this was the case in the debut issue which, alongside articles on such diverse subjects as the Van Eyck altarpiece in Ghent's Cathedral of St Bavo, Turner's depictions of Geneva, and the first of a series on English tapestries, included no less than five pieces devoted to music.
Sharjah will arrange investor meetings this week and next in Asia, the Middle East and Europe ahead of a potential debut issue of sovereign sukuk, the director of its debt management office told Reuters on Monday.
The debut issue is an exercise in prudent balance-sheet management which enables us to continue delivering on our growth plans and enrich our land bank."
Between the magazine's debut issue in April 1978 and her last issue before retirement in February 1997, Dorothy wrote some sixty editorials, reprinted in this book.
WHAT YOU HOLD IN YOUR HANDS (unless you're reading this on your desktop computer) is the debut issue of Retirement Advisor.
debut issue of eurobonds for $700 mln with a 7-year maturity and 6% yield was placed successfully.
Given the current yield on the debut issue Sovcombank, 02, we estimate the fair yield on the new issue of Renaissance Credit as 11.5% p.
Leading Edinburgh businessman Sir Tom Farmer was also entertained by our debut issue.