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the maximum borrowing power of a governmental entity

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ENPNewswire-August 5, 2019--ABA-Congress Increases Debt Limit for Chapter 12 Bankruptcies
Release date- 02082019 - Congress Increases Debt Limit for Chapter 12 Bankruptcies.
MARKET VALUE CHANGES: The 'AAA' rating could be pressured by a decline in the market value of PUF investments and/or debt issuance that brings the amount of outstanding PUF debt close to UTS' constitutional debt limits and significantly weakens annual debt service coverage or the fund's liquidity profile.
This constitutional debt limit prevents debt over-leveraging.
The Indian central bank has called for caution on foreign investor debt limits.
Congress, aside from two measures noted above, has modified the debt limit 10 times since 2001, due to persistent deficits and additions to federal trust funds.
Contents Introduction Debt Limit Reached At End of December 2012 Suspension of the Debt Limit Until May 19, 2013 Replenishing the U.S.
The existing debt limits will be merged into following two broad categories:
Because of the room created by unifying categories, the current SEBI auction mechanism allocating debt limits for corporate bonds will be replaced by the 'on tap system' currently in place for infrastructure bonds.
Politicians may try to work around debt limits by issuing non-general obligation debt to expand programs.
Critics such as Hevesi, also did not want to city to be able to use all the additional TEA money at once, and was against, the Mayor's Constitutional change plan, which would raise the debt limit by 50 percent.
ABA pointed out in the letter that the current debt limits under Chapter 12 are already indexed to inflation and are adjusted accordingly every three years.
new debt limits so it can fulfill its financial commitments.
The debt limit is $550,000 for a married taxpayer filing a separate return.