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the maximum borrowing power of a governmental entity

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below the debt cap and Moody's net direct and indirect debt to increase
We are now firmly within the "worldwide debt cap rules" and fully expect to have first sight of the changes to "controlled foreign company legislation" shortly.
The rules aim to eliminate overspending by forcing member states to enact budget cuts if they cross the EU's 3% of GDP deficit limit or the 60% of GDP debt cap.
He must now be feeling a bit uneasy in the wake of a looming US default in case the debt cap is not removed within a few days' time.
say they will not vote to increase the debt cap without a significant
However, Republicans in Congress -- which sets the debt cap into law -- have refused to raise it unless the move is accompanied by deep spending cuts, and their talks with Democrats have made little visible progress.
The public debt cap is meant to ensure the UAE does not borrow excessively," Obaid Humaid Al Tayer, Minister of State for Financial Affairs, told the FNC.
A worldwide debt cap has been introduced with effect from 2010, but this brings opportunities as well as restrictions.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-21 May 2010-BMO Capital Markets adds 2 execs to Canadian debt cap mkt team(C)1994-2010 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
We have adopted an approach of a salary cap, being used in conjunction with a debt cap and draft picks in order to even the competition and to prevent one owner's spending harming the integrity of the competition," he explained.
Limited-tax general obligation (GO) bonds in Michigan do not require voter approval as long as they stay under their debt cap, which is 10 percent of assessed property value.
Overdrafts related to securities transfers were monitored separately because they were afforded special treatment under the net debt cap policy (as discussed below).
50 new money debt cap to support future debt issuance.
In order to prevent this in the future, the MNB has been using debt cap rules.
He emphasised that raising the general debt cap and approving the state's budget for 2015-2016 will be achieved through coordination between the executive and legislative branches.