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United States labor organizer who ran for President as a socialist (1855-1926)

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First, there was Debs' communication skills, the ease with which he berated workers for their shortcomings and simultaneously egged them on to transcend themselves in the hope of building a better future.
The spirit of La Follette, of Debs, of Helen Keller, of Martin Luther King Jr., of Daniel and Philip Berrigan and Erwin Knoll lives on today in the millions of Americans who oppose the present war in Iraq: those who hold vigil and demonstrate every day, every week, in towns and cities all over the country, the Military Families Against the War, the Families for Peaceful Tomorrows, the young people who have learned from the past and continue the struggle for peace.
The well-known fact that Eugene Debs enjoyed tossing back a few with "The Boys" on his frequent visits to local lodges may have fit with his more physical, heroic vision of manhood, but it also indicates that his own relationship with alcohol and manhood was more complex than his temperance rhetoric alone would indicate. outright prices: 5-4 Shopitaly, 5-2 Debs The Best, 7-2 Group Tycoon, 5 Autumn Express, Group Stinger, 8 Here Comes Ken, 12 Broadway Plain, 25 Switchtoplanb, 50 Slanemore Amy, 66 Vanilla Man, 100 Outofmymind, Kind Of Light.
Although Debs' tolerant, humane views undoubtedly account for his reputation as the "Gentle Rebel" of the present volume, or the "Citizen and Socialist" of Nick Salvatore's biography, this image possibly gives a wrong impression of Debs' politics.
Gentle Rebel also includes letters in which Debs noted his frustration with the radical movements of the 1920s.
Debs served as city clerk of Terre Haute from 1879 to 1883.
Letters of Eugene V Debs includes a useful introductory biographical sketch, but Constantine refrains from extensive commentary on the letters themselves.
Debs, who's also mum to nine-year-old Oliver and Phoebe's twin brother Isaac, said that as someone who isn't sporty, she's found the walks empowering.
Debs' son Angus, nine, who attends Yarm Preparatory School, regularly plays at the club, and her daughter - fellow pupil Harriet, seven - has also practised there.
For the price of a sun holiday or the average monthly mortgage payment, girls are turning up to their Debs spraytanned, blow-dried and manicured to within an inch of their lives.
Stewart Shackleton, from Cramlington, Northumberland, and his daughter Debs McIver will take part in the half marathon from Newcastle to South Shields on Sunday, September 18, to help raise funds for Age UK.
WE all remember our Debs. How could you ever forget (Delete as appropriate) getting all gussied up in an enormous flouncy dress/ half-strangling yourself with your first tux?
WORCESTER Souad (Debs) Nassif, 85, of Worcester, passed away Tuesday, December 1, 2009, in her home surrounded by her loving daughters.