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any structure that is very unsafe

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In the event of a fire, it "might have become a death-trap", he added.
"This was, I'm afraid to say, potentially a death trap and a death-trap not just for those people on the mezzanine floor but for others as well", said the judge.
I meant a death-trap for the few hundred lightly armed Canadian soldiers who were protecting the Muslim civilians from the thousands of Serbs with artillery and tanks who surrounded the enclave.
FAMILIES in east Birmingham are calling on council chiefs to replace a "death-trap" footpath.
His distinguished life and contributions to history, and his efforts to help elevate hospitals into a place for the sick to turn to in times of need rather than a death-trap to be shunned and feared speak for themselves.
In high school, my friends and I built this huge, rickety death-trap halfpipe in the woods behind our house.
TURKISH rescue workers last night held out little hope of saving alive any of 20 small boys still buried in the earthquake rubble of a dormitory that experts said was a shoddily built death-trap.
``I realised I had to be evacuated from my home because I was told the electrical work had turned it into a death-trap but they didn't tell me they would be charging me for staying in the nursing home.
The book makes crucial connections between the supposedly pro-feminist "Just Do It" campaign aimed at Western women, and the grinding exploitation of real women and girls who crank out sneakers in death-trap factories.
Apparently, the thing was a death-trap, and I hope the vendor will be done for manslaughter.
The family of a Birmingham student who survived an 18-hour ordeal in shark infested waters after a ferry sank in the South Pacific said last night the overcrowded boat was a death-trap.
ENVIRONMENT Minister Phil Hogan was slammed yesterday over his failure to meet residents of death-trap Priory Hall.
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COUNCILLORS are calling for a speed camera to be installed on a death-trap road in Anfield.
Residents are to be consulted on plans to demolish a Teesside death-trap and replace it with housing.