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a clandestine military or paramilitary team who murder political dissidents or petty criminals (usually with the government's tacit approval)

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However, Reyes warned that authorities may be careless in tagging people as sympathizers of the NPA, which will make them likely targets by death squads.
Masquerading in any other name, a death squad will smell just as obnoxious.
Earlier, President Duterte said he was planning to field death squads to kill NPA assassins.
Furthermore, being financially well off and being a well connected community any arrests of target killers in past met with immensely powerful street agitations, according to the report, informing that the Shia death squads are cleverly operating under the garb of Shia NGOs such as Jaffria disaster cell (JDC), PYAM, OYAM and Baqiatullah.
The operation of "death squads" in Davao City while Duterte was the mayor there resulted in the deaths of hundreds of street children, petty criminals and petty drug dealers since 1998.
The operation of "death squads" in Davao while Duterte has been the city's mayor has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of street children, petty criminals, and petty drug dealers since 1998.
"Tagum City's former mayor helped organise and finance a death squad linked to the murder of hundreds of residents," Kline said, referring to former mayor Rey Uy.
She demanded to punish the death squads, whatever their titles, because they raise weapons illegally and outside the framework of the law, and kill innocent people in daylight, and work to return the scenario of sectarian violence, murder and sabotage again./End
A Canadian website, known for creating conspiracy online, had claimed that Ford was involved in running death squads in Iraq, when he was the political counselor at the embassy from 2004-2006, the report added.
However, Jesuit priest Orlando Yorio, now dead, once claimed he refused to publicly endorse his slum work, effectively delivering him to death squads.
OTTAWA, (SANA) -- The Canadian website Global Research uncovered one of the plots targeting the Syrian people, shedding light on the presence of death squads that commit massacres with Washington's blessings and logistic and material support.
ISLAMABAD -- Sardar Yar Muhammad Rind, lonely opposition member in Balochistan Assembly said private death squads were operating in the province and they were involved in killing the people after looting them.
Hundreds of Baloch have been kidnapped and their tortured and mutilated bodies have been dumped on the road sides by intelligence agencies and their proxy death squad. Recently dozens of Sindhi nationalist activists have been killed in a wave of target killing operations in Karachi and interior Sindh by the proxy death squads of the Pakistani intelligence agencies.
Special police teams were investigating up to 20 killings, believed to have been carried out by death squads recruited and paid by white extremists in a plot to destabilise the country.