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a tax on the estate of the deceased person

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Lady Carnarvon said: "Death duties had recently been increased, so when Lord Carnarvon died so young it was quite a struggle to pay them.
And get clued up on avoiding death duties via Inheritance Tax.
Well OK, her son and daughter, Viscount Linley and Lady Sarah Chatto, were faced with death duties of pounds 3 million.
It has always been relatively easy to avoid or do reduce payments of these death duties, and in modern times they have been described as a `voluntary tax'.
It's because of death duties, he writes, and the "levelling up" of standards of the lower classes.
In the meantime ever higher death duties made it increasingly difficult to pass on estates to future generations.
He will avoid billions of pounds in death duties as most of the estate is kept in trusts, which are virtually tax exempt.
Currently nobody pays death duties if their estate is worth PS325,000 or less.
As predicted in this column in August, the Earl of Denbigh, faced with a massive bill for death duties, is selling 1,000 acres of his estate at Monks Kirby.
In 1946 the house was leased to the government in lieu of death duties. It was subsequently occupied by the Welsh Agriculture Advisory Service until 1996, reflecting Trawsgoed's role as a pioneer of farming methods since the early 19th century.
We should abolish the vast exemptions on death duties and tax at a more modest universal rate.
A KEY ally of David Cameron has blasted the Tories' "morally wrong' plan to slash death duties for the rich.
I'm surprised the people of Wales are unaware that every penny received has already been paid by them and are only getting back what they have paid in every kind of tax, ie, income, purchase tax, VAT, business, death duties and all kinds of tax one can think of.
Not so long ago, death duties were taxes the very rich paid accountants a lot of money to avoid but weren't always lucky.
There are also far-reaching consequences for children who are unlucky enough to lose both parents, because if their parents' assets are over this ridiculously low threshold they will also lose their home to pay death duties.