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(psychoanalysis) an unconscious urge to die

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Third, Zizek fails to contextualize the death drive sufficiently.
Subsequently, it explicates the temporal structure proposed by the form of Archive Fever and its meta-rhetorical diction, which reflects psychoanalysis's challenge to teleological time; next, it considers the relation between the archive and death drive posited in the text, which hinges on speech and on memory; finally, it concludes by explaining the title mal d'archive and the relationship among Judaism and futurity.
Following that, the degenerated state of the world and the mental and physical infirmities of the characters place a high priority for us to analyze this Beckettian world on the basis of Freud's theory of life drive and death drive.
Borges, I will attempt to show, used the Freudian concept of the death drive to issue one of his most direct and enigmatic statements about the Nazi leader.
Marnie's death drive is even more explicit in two violent episodes.
As DeRosa points out, "[t]his is strikingly similar to [...] the Lacanian 'real': that the death drive is about the desire to connect with the actual signified, with what is behind the unstable set of signs" (32).
Bayley says he is looking at the death drive phenomenon that pulls people towards an exit from life and he cites the philosphical mantra of Swiss psychologist Carl Jung that there are no accidents.
These tales, Scala argues, contain, in Freudian terms, a death drive that "appears at the surface illogical or at least antithetical to what has gone before" in terms of self-preservation and narrative continuity (194-195).
It could be argued that Freud increasingly turned to his death drive theory as his thinking reached its full maturity.
He was interested in the notion of Freud's death drive, but he was not aware of the proximity of his own death.
Shell Shock and the Modernist Imagination: The Death Drive in Post-World War I British Fiction.
Furthermore, while Edelman's framework argues for an embrace of the death drive as a heteronormative resistance, queer grief and affect strive to transcend the queer subject beyond the problematic limitations imposed by death--whether real or metaphorical.
Adrian Perkel's paper, entitled Till death-drive us apart: Associating injury and aggression in the couple, offers a fresh theoretical perspective on a perennial question for couples and couples therapists: 'Why is it that the most love is also associated with the most hate?' In order to explore this question, Perkel juxtaposes the concept of the death drive with that of narcissistic injury.
Although their subjects range from Internet blogging and carnivalesque dramaturgy to queer gossip and the Zizekian death drive, each author makes skillful use of contemporary theory to explore theatre and performance in the Canadian context.
Interestingly, the rows and columns of white slides allude to spectral gravestones, which references Derrida's theory of the archive and its relation to Freud's death drive. (6)