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"When you read the end of Death Line I think you realise that she needs a bit of time to deal with what has happened," she says.
Death Line is published by Creme de la Crime for pounds 7.99.
Death Line by Maureen Carter is published by Creme de la Crime for pounds 7.99.
Maureen Carter's Death Line is published by Creme de la Crime for pounds 7.99.
The packed film schedule includes John Carpenter's Halloween, a mystery late-night screening of Grindhouse, a screening of Death Line followed by a Q&A with director Gary Sherman and the showing of the Welsh psychological horror Daddy's Girl, starring Merthyr Tydfil actor Richard Harrington alongside Jaime Winstone.
There's a classic 1970s British horror film called Death Line, which saw the great Donald Pleasance investigating people going missing from Tube stations.
BLACK DEATH (15, pounds 15.99, Blu-ray pounds 22.99) In his brief directorial career, Brit Chris Smith has cheerfully referenced such chillers as Death Line, Deliverance and the Hammer studios with his movies Creep, Severance and Triangle.
Self-confessedly stealing from any number of horror movies (but most specifically 1972's Death Line), Brit writer-director Christopher Smith nevertheless turns in a stylishly crafted and generally suspenseful debut that makes up in nastiness what it lacks in plot, logic and decent dialogue.
No wonder track workers have dubbed this stretch of Surrey railway "the kiddies death line".
This is why there are no observed pulsars in the lower-right portion of the P- diagram, beyond what is called the "death line." After they cross this line, pulsars rest in peace.
But he revealed he panicked when he drove on the death line, adding: "When I heard about the crash, I wasn't in the least bit surprised.
Death Line was so spectacularly gory, it actually made me vomit and, between heaves, I promised I'd never watch it again.
He replaced the motel light bulbs with number-two photo flood bulbs to soften the death lines in Paul's face.