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My dear sir, I'm quite certain you cannot be ignorant of the extent of confidence which must be placed in professional men.
My dear Sir, my dear sir,' said the little man, laying his hat on the table, 'pray, consider--pray.
Why, my dear Sir, our friend's in an unpleasant position--very much so.
Now, my dear Sir, between you and I, we know very well, my dear Sir, that you have run off with this lady for the sake of her money.
You are unhappy, my dear sir," the stranger continued.
But if for reason you don't feel inclined to talk to me," said the old man, "say so, my dear sir.
Forgive me, my dear sir, but if I had not known it I should not have addressed you.
Yes, you do not know Him, my dear sir," said the Mason.
Natural affections and instincts, my dear sir, are the most beautiful of the Almighty's works, but like other beautiful works of His, they must be reared and fostered, or it is as natural that they should be wholly obscured, and that new feelings should usurp their place, as it is that the sweetest productions of the earth, left untended, should be choked with weeds and briers.
I dare say you are surprised, my dear sir, that I have listened to your recital with so little astonishment.
By keeping silence upon the subject, my dear sir,' returned brother Charles.
I am about to employ you, my dear sir, on a confidential and delicate mission.
You will, I am sure, my dear Sir, feel the truth of this, and will hereby learn to do justice to the character of a very injured woman.
Micawber, in his trouble, this warmth, on the part of a stranger, was so extremely touching, that he could only say, on the occasion of each successive shake, 'My dear sir, you overpower me
My dear sir, if there is one thing my mother loves better than another, it is pork a roast loin of pork"