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Synonyms for dean

faculty head


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an administrator in charge of a division of a university or college

United States film actor whose moody rebellious roles made him a cult figure (1931-1955)

a man who is the senior member of a group


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(Roman Catholic Church) the head of the College of Cardinals

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Originally, Deans explains, the radiographs were designed to test the condition of the metal pins and fasteners that hold the timbers together.
Five or 10 years ago, Deans says, the only way to find rotten wood so deep in the hull would have been through destructive methods of testing, such as boring holes and analyzing the cores.
While deans tend to be more positive, they are still least likely to rate their science teaching prep "excellent" as compared to English, math and social studies.
Eisenhower hangs in the Eisenhower Museum, whose portrait of Ronald Reagan with actor friend Antonio Aguilar helped deliver the Hispanic vote-ask Dean Fausett why he is painting a collection titled America's Historic Trees, which will tour the nation's museums on behalf of AFA'Ns GIobal ReLeaf crusade, ask him about this munificent contribution to the environment-and you end up in pre-Revolutionary days.
His interest in continuing to expand the horizons of the School of Engineering, for example in the field of bioengineering, his commitment to undergraduate and graduate teaching, and his personal qualities, as confirmed by the broad support he has within the School, make him superbly qualified to be the next dean.
The addition of Gordon Deans to our team confirms Norsat's commitment to becoming the ODU supplier of choice, not only for ARCS, but for other satellite interactive communications projects around the world," said Norsat President and CEO, Robert H.
Deans also serves as a member of the Board of Directors.
The deans will consume as much French Onion Dean's Dip as they can in 45 seconds during a time-out contest at Williams Arena.
1999) surveyed allied health deans to ascertain their research productivity and institutional expectations regarding scholarship.
In an interview just two months into the job, Dean Wright cautioned that he is still "figuring out which end is up," but has some initial thoughts about the direction he would like to see the foundation take.
The newly installed deans bring a broader range of backgrounds to the post, some with deep corporate experience and governmental roles.
In her remarkable, truly artful book, Carolyn Dean investigates the ways Cuzco's high-ranking Inkas handled such tricky cross-currents of privilege and subjection.
Richard Lynn has done an extraordinary job of leading our law school this year as interim dean and was an obvious and outstanding choice for the permanent assignment,'' said Pepperdine President David Davenport.
Hamada announced his intention to step down as Dean last year and remains a member of the school's faculty.