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a tax imposed on ships that enter the US

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Knot said that the Dan Cisne is a 59,000 deadweight ton shuttle tanker, built by Cosco Nantong in China.
Oil & gas company Exxon Mobil Corporation (NYSE:XOM) reported on Thursday the execution of an agreement for the construction of two new 115,000 deadweight ton Liberty Class tankers, valued at USD400m, in Philadelphia.
Gener8 Maritime's fleet has a total carrying capacity of approximately 7.4 m deadweight tons and an average age of approximately 4 years on a DWT basis.
had picked the Philippines as the 'best location' for developing a shipbuilding and ship repair (SBSR) facility for frontier-island, regional size vessels with 15,000 deadweight tons, including advanced ship and vessel designing, manufacturing, repair, sales, and financial support.
Since the launch of the commercial operation of OSC in 2003, the company increased its fleet to 43 vessels, including taking delivery of 17 vessels in 2012, in addition to one LNG carrier still under construction increasing the fleet to 44 vessels and around 8 million deadweight tons by 2014, as per the current plans of the company.
A Beijing-based oil executive with knowledge of these ships said the first tanker with a capacity of 318,000 deadweight tons is named "Safe".
The regulation applies to all building contracts placed on or after January 1, 2013 for newbuildings over 5,000 deadweight tons.
Analysts said that the dry bulk fleet, responsible for shipping iron ore, coal and other commodities, was expected to grow 13% in 2011 to top a record 600 million deadweight tons in 2011 despite demand rising by just 5% to 8%.
Once the ships are added, the company`s total capacity will increase to 5.8 million deadweight tons, Mohammad H.