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a father who willfully defaults on his obligation to provide financial support for his offspring

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Making his children someone else's will not change the fact that he is a deadbeat dad.
Forster, chairman of the Niagara County Democratic Party, of being a "deadbeat dad."
It is laughable; if the skilled factory workers are even marginally well off, the analogy will be a solace to the millions of poor home-based workers who are mostly widowed mothers or married women with children but having deadbeat dads for husbands.
Then bank-to-walls became the rage and spots were searched out like deadbeat dads. Getting vert without tranny is very difficult (try no hands frontside).
The Government last night vowed to tackle the scandal of the arrears - mostly owed to mums by deadbeat dads.
"His Government is making it much easier for deadbeat dads to run from their responsibilities by charging mums to use the Child Support Agency."
In addition to her work as a criminal defense investigator, this Atlanta area female private investigator has tracked down bail jumpers, lost loves, deadbeat dads, debtors, runaways, kidnap victims, fugitives and more.
Worcester County Sheriff Guy Glodis recently announced what he called "the largest one- day roundup of deadbeat dads in Worcester County history" as his deputies marked Father's Day by arresting 16 offenders who they claim owe over half a million dollars in outstanding child support.
It's fair to say that many men fear God and respect law and order, while some divorced women act wrongly by exaggerating their financial need or using the children to extract money from the fathers who don't want to be deadbeat dads.
It made me proud to be a Black woman and to know that all Black fathers are not deadbeat dads. The three fathers mentioned in the article (Boris Kodjoe, Simeon Henderson Sr.
I WRITE with reference to "Deadbeat dads face shame on website" ( Mail, June 6).
Deadbeat dads who fail to support their children are to be named and shamed, it was revealed yesterday.
Proposals to name and shame "deadbeat dads" were yesterday branded a gimmick, as the Government unveiled plans for a tough new enforcement body to replace the crisis-prone Child Support Agency (CSA).
And even those who received cash from deadbeat dads say the soon-to-be-replaced organisation is still failing their children.
Each page is a stand-alone summation of a concept--such as corporate crime, the working poor, deadbeat dads, and the cost of health care--related to the broader themes of owners, workers, women, people of color, government spending, welfare and education, health, and the environment.