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a drop used for the clandestine exchange of intelligence information

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The prosecution witness said his investigation also showed that the teenager helped supply terrorists with funds by transporting money between dead drops around the country.
There was no booking or waiting for the sub tropical Aqua Mundo pool and my daughter had the time of her life on the slides and water features from rapids and dead drops to snorkelling amongst coral reefs with a chance to see beautiful tropical fish and even sharks.
The final link which enabled police to nail him came from an alert housewife who had attended a drug awareness lecture and spotted one of the many "dead drops" he used.
Full of code words and dead drops, the story of Robert Philip Hanssen, according to the FBI, reads like Cold War spy novel.
He also trundled documents by the cartload to "dead drops" in various suburbs around Washington.
Stashes of diamonds, secret dead drops of classified documents, Swiss bank accounts .
Assuming he is not an utter fabricator, Shvets is good in sketching the details--silly and serious--of the intelligence craft: shaking tails, recruiting agents, running dead drops. He reports that when the KGB tried to mount active measures--disinformation and propaganda--it often did so with such a heavy hand as to be ineffective.
He said envelopes containing between BD50 and BD125 in cash were placed inside other envelopes, which also contained BD25, and delivered through dead drops all over Daih.
The official versions emphasize aggressive FBI legwork in interrogating Hanssen and monitoring his dead drops, and what the FBI history describes as the bureau's "intensive physical and electronic surveillance of Ames during a 10-month investigation." This gumshoe work was certainly necessary in building legal cases against Ames and Hanssen that could be taken to court.
To distribute the drug around Stranraer and the South West, McCredie organised a series of "dead drops" - never getting his own hands dirty.
He was also accused of being a member of Saraya Al Mukhtar (The Chosen Brigades), which is responsible for fatal attacks carried out against policemen, and showing the others how to leave explosives at 'dead drops' across the country for cell members.
The investigations into the cases of Shahid Toumia and Ghazwan Shahin, both colonels, have revealed their alleged involvement in spying for Israel and passing on sensitive information about army and Hizbullah positions before, during and after the July 2006 war, relying on advanced communications equipment supplied to them by Israeli handlers and funding their operations through money received in dead drops by the Israelis.
"I would keep the drugs in my house and leave it for the drug dealers to pick up at dead drops - I sent them the picture and location of the drugs.
The illegals could operate as a kind of "stay-behind" network to handle dead drops, cash transfers and agent meetings.
The brothers were also said to have received drug shipments through dead drops at a hospital car park.