infant mortality

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the death rate during the first year of life

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Currently, the law grants working women 60 days of paid leave but makes no mention of women who have suffered miscarriages or delivered dead babies.
Last summer, an inquiry found dead babies ashes were routinely mixed with those of dead adults.
There is no way to exaggerate the level of Clinton's commitment to multiplying the number of dead babies at home and aboard.
Officers infiltrated protest groups and duped women into relationships while others stole the identities of dead babies.
The post German police find seven dead babies in apartment appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Mothers of these dead babies were allegedly told that their dead babies were being "cremated."
WHEN I read that parents who have lost children were campaigning against a social networking site exhibiting sick jokes about dead babies, I was puzzled.
The services come more than 10 years after it emerged Alder Hey had stripped hundreds of dead babies of their organs without the permission of relatives.
He was one of thousands of dead babies who were violated for their internal organs by Birmingham Children's Hospital.
But not so dismaying as the thought of Margaret, 74 when she died, feeling the need to hide her dead babies and mourn alone.
But the revelation that the organs of dead babies have possibly been used in tests to discover if workers have suffered nuclear poisoning is despicable.
A grandmother arrested after the discovery of three dead babies is facing more questioning today as police confirmed they were treating the case as a murder inquiry.
Detectives questioning a grandmother after the discovery of three dead babies have confirmed they were treating the case as a murder inquiry.
The bodies are part of a collection of 2,000 dead babies.
In her poem entitled "Joseph," she begins: "Emerging from between the reeds/a long-legged egret steps, /...bone-hard feet/pick their way among the rules/and white silk trails in still water..." She goes on to describe his quest for gold in 1849, the sacrifices of his wife leaving dead babies behind in Ireland, and the wounds he inflicted, as a miner, on the earth itself.